Reporter’s Notebook — Mother

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked for story’s about mothers. Steve Deleon of Clovis wrote:
“Growing up with my father in the Air Force, my mother always kept the household going even though we had to move just about every three years.
“I have a sister and it was especially hard on us as kids with all the moving; just as you make some good friends it was time to move again (usually to another country).
“My Mom was always there for us, and kept our spirits up by also being our friend. After my father passed away, it was time for us to keep her spirits up. She is doing great now, living in Tampa, Fla., very near my sister and her family and in good health.
“She is very involved in the church and loves to write poems. She reads them to her church group every Sunday.
“I miss her a lot … but through telephone calls, e-mails, letters and occasional trips we still get to see each other.”
Reporter’s notebook was compiled by CNJ Editor David Stevens. To participate in Project: Reader Reaction, contact him at: