Carrey makes role work

Stacy Allen

Show: Bruce Almighty
Stars: Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman
Summary: Bruce has a bad day, takes it out on God and then ends up with a
chance to do God’s job better when he is given all power.
Show times: 12:45, 3, 5:15, 7:30, 9:45

I’m sure everyone has had one of those days, maybe even weeks, where nothing seems to be going your way. In your mind you have tried and tried and God is just not meeting you half way. You feel like he is against you and suddenly the final straw breaks and you find yourself yelling at him. Sure, this isn’t the best way to approach things, but it happens. Bruce Almighty focuses on that part of ourselves.
The plot of this movie is something different. Sure, we all know about the “Oh God” movies, but this one is special. The main character gets to have God’s powers and do with them what he pleases. Sure, some might look at that and think it’s crude and a good reason not to go see this movie.
However, it still teaches us not to be so selfish and it makes you think about what you would do in that situation. I don’t know about you, but I would probably misuse my powers much like Jim Carrey’s character, Bruce Nelson, does in this movie. There is a part in the movie where Bruce prays for world peace and for everyone to get along. Playing the role of God, Morgan Freeman answers, “That’s good if you’re trying to be Miss America.”
The movie has a great cast. The acting was perfect and the casting was ingenious. Carrey, who plays a TV frustrated news reporter in Buffalo, N.Y., is the only actor I can think of that can make the role work. I think out of all the movies Carrey has been in, this one has fit him the best. His outlandish comedy and cartoon-like facial expressions will have you laughing even when nothing has been said.
Jennifer Aniston, who plays Bruce’s girlfriend, is a great co-star for Carrey. She holds her own against his comedic outbursts. Although I would have never pictured God as Freeman, he embodies the attitude I would expect God to have. He’s calm, fatherly and gives off the impression that he’s got everything under control.
Bruce Almighty is a hilarious comedy that definitely came out in the right season. This movie has summer written all over it, especially with funny man Carrey as the star. This movie made me laugh out loud unexpectedly and I loved it. As usual, Carrey has several quotable lines in this movie that I can already see becoming a part of everyday conversations. I found this movie to be very enjoyable and a perfect movie for a summer evening.
If given the chance I think I would see it again.