Calling is meaningful, regardless of size

By Judy Brandon

I understand that God calls people from every part of life and across all professions and positions. I believe that God calls us for salvation, and then he calls us to work in his kingdom.
The call for salvation came to me as a child, and I responded by claiming Christ as Lord. It was then a few years later, still as a child, that I felt the unmistakable call to serve God. In my childlike mind, it seemed genuine to me, and as an adult today, that call is still a significant early spiritual memory.
My first place of service for the church was working as the bulletin folder. The church staff needed someone to fold bulletins so Susie and I collectively felt the call and believed it a job that we could do well. Daddy mentioned to the office staff that we had volunteered and we found ourselves with a job folding bulletins for the Sunday service.
On Friday afternoon Daddy would bring home the flat sheets of paper printed on both sides. Then Susie and I would work on folding sometime between Friday and Saturday afternoon. We worked out a system and after some practice became experts at bulletin folding, completing the job in two hours.
But it was much more than a job for us. Susie and I felt very important being privy to the contents of the bulletin before Sunday service. We believed we carried a solemn responsibility because if we did not come through, the bulletins would not be folded and then the congregation would not know the order of worship. It was an important and vital matter. All the names of the sick members were listed in the bulletin. How would anyone know who to pray for or what church activities were planned for the week if we did not fold the bulletins?
Trivial as it might sound, Susie and I thought it a very important responsibility to fold the bulletins. I believed that as a child I was actively involved in God’s work. I felt that at an early age I would say with Isaiah “Here I am, Lord send me.” I will go and fold the Sunday morning bulletins!
Now I have come to realize that experience helped me comprehend this: no matter how small, I could have a part in God’s work. All through the years, I have learned that nothing can provide personal peace in this life more than the peace of answering God’s call for service. I understand the church would not have closed if Susie and I had not folded the bulletins. Yet I am certain of this: I got a taste early on of the rewards involved in serving God. That was a significant spiritual benchmark for me that has endured through the years.
Judy Brandon is an instructor at Clovis Community College.