the widow s mites

by amos

boss i talked willifred the white
rat into taking a trip in his
newfangled tiny time traveler
machine all we have to do is
just strap it onto my 1957
cheese-rolet matchbox car

where do you want to go
amos says he i can take
you to the edges of history
just watch me and see

let s take a trip to the
sea of galilee sometime
around the end of the
first century says me

you bet says he just let
me fiddle with the dates
a bit and we ll be there
in the flick of a flit

sure enough boss that
little machine rattled and
rumbled and when it
stopped we stepped out
facing the sea of galilee

just then a little hairy
goat ambled up to us
and gently bellowed
hey you guys are late
the tour s nearly over

what tour says me

the archaeological tour
of where jesus and his
disciples used to roam
and how he would feed
thousands of people with
just a little boy s lunch of
loaves and fishes

have they found any
archaeological evidence
says willifred the white
who used to be a mad
scientist s experimental
lab animal

nothing but a few rusty
fishhooks some old
coins and a few ratty
sandal straps says he

what coins says willifred
instantly curious

well over there we found
a couple of coins we call
widow s mites you remember
jesus pointed out in
mark 12 verses 41 to 44
a poor widow who put in
two measly mites outgave all
those rich guys because she
gave all she had

what do widow s mites
look like asks willifred

here s a couple of them
says the hairy goat they re
hardly worth anything they re
the smallest coins in israel

i want them says willifred
what will you take for them
i ll give you anything i have
just let me have them

and boss this greedy gaze
rolled over willifred s eyes
all he could see were those
two little bitty coins

i ve got to have them now
says he give them to me
give them to me

both the hairy goat and i
backed away very slowly from
willifred then the hairy goat
lowered his head and said
okay here they come and
the hairy goat then rammed
little willifred and flipped him
heels over head

dazed willifred looked at me
and says what happened

you re okay now says me
the greedy bug bit you
and you took a trip to the
funny money farm

boss it just goes to show
you really have to watch
your motives – we need to
emulate the little
widow s example not
try to amass her assets