Ollie Otter seeks a dad

By Gary Mitchell

amos the churchmouse:

a view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

ollie otter seeks a dad

boss i bumped into
ollie the orphan sea otter
the other day and he said
he was on a spiritual
quest – to find a father
by father s day

you remember ollie boss
when he was a baby
otter his parents were
killed by seal poachers
and poor ollie was left
in the church s baptistry

the other little
creatures in the church
pew underworld would
tease him and call him
little orphan ollie
which didn t do much
for his outlook on life –
or his self-esteem
for that matter boss

as he grew up it took
ollie a little while to
develop his frolicking
sea otter nature

i must find a father figure
little ollie says to me
life has no meaning
no purpose unless an
otter be linked to the
generations washing
upon the shores of life

methinks you re putting
too much emphasis on
your seaweed roots says
me to him

maybe so but i need to
know that i have a
father figure someone
who cares for me
someone i can look up to
and pattern my sea soul after

but you can do that with
any old figure – pick you
a sports hero an author
or even a musician – after
all they say elvis is still
roaming around these days

no i want someone who
will be there for me
someone who will give
me wise counsel – and
the keys to the family
fishing boat

so have you found a
father figure in time
for father s day says me

i first asked old man
octopus but that relationship
became too entangling
if you know what i mean

then i chose stanley the
starfish but he just laid
around and pointed in
five different directions
it was very confusing

after that i tried a
couple of landlubber
dads but they turned
out to be duds for a
little frisky otter
like me says he

i latched onto louie
the songdog he was a
happy dad amos but
his fleas and me didn t
really get along at all

then i saw sammy
salamander and thought
he and i would make a
great team
we did but it was
kinda tough to call him
dad when i was three
sizes bigger than he was

so says me what are you
going to do now – give up
your quest for a dad and
say too bad so sad

no not i – i ll never say
die – i ll keep looking for
a dad both low and high
in the sea or up in the sky

just then boss wally
walrus came floating by –
we have a large baptistry
here in the church pew
underworld – and ollie
exclaimed it s him
he s the one he s got
to be my dad

wally turned on his side
and smiled a toothy smile
and off the pair swam
into the joys of a
happy father s day