Angels’ latest flick implausible

By Stacy Allen

Buy the soundtrack and forget the movie. But what more can you expect from a movie that’s main goal is to make money off a poor plot and three beautiful women?
I only liked a few characters in the movie.
The role of Bosley’s mother is unknown, but she was definitely one of my favorite supporting characters. Bernie Mac, who plays Bosley, and Shia LeBeouf, who plays Max, a young kid hiding in the Witness Protection Program, are the other two actors that I enjoyed watching.
I loved the music and the way it tied into the scenes so much I went out and invested in the soundtrack. For example, in one scene, the Angels are stuck in a sprinkler, and “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” plays in the background.
Several other supporting actors add oomph to movie, including Matt LeBlanc, who returns as Lucy Liu’s boyfriend, and John Cleese, who plays her father. I enjoyed the supporting actors in this movie more than I did the main girls. Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu may be appealing to the male audience, but I found it utterly impossible to believe in their characters.
The action in the movie is unceasing, yet completely pointless and unlikely.
I suggest renting a movie and staying at home with a bag of popcorn instead of wasting money on this movie.