Day Trips — Don Harrington Discovery Center

By Angela Peacock

Taking a trip across the universe is possible at Amarillo’s Don Harrington Discovery Center.
Discovery Center Executive Director Ganesh Ganpat said the center is a private, non-profit organization which makes “science exciting, relevant and interesting to all types of learners by providing interactive exhibits and programs that actively engage children, adolescents and their families.
“It fosters inquiring minds and nurtures the individual genius that is within each of us,” Ganpat said.
Recent changes to the discovery museum has Ganesh very excited about the centers 55 hands-on exhibits, and aquariums with 55 different species of fresh and salt water fish, but what he’s really looking forward to is people’s reactions from the new digital planetarium which opens July 26.
“We’re calling the space theater ‘Beyond the Stars’ which will have educational entertaining presentations that will delight your eyes and ears,” Ganpat said.
At the center people can learn about the weather, helium, puzzles, structures, sound, optical illusions, fish, coral and reptiles. David Sargus, exhibits director, said teaching children how to think in a fun environment is the main objective of the discovery center.
“We try to show kids that science is fun. We want them to begin thinking about why something works a certain way,” Sargus said. “The center is definitely a positive activity families can do together, and the expression on kids faces when they’re experimenting with the exhibits is really an awesome sight to see.”
Sargus explains to his staff that they never know how children will react to the sights and exhibits they experience at the discovery center or if they’ll someday grew to develop a passion for science, but he said the most important thing to remember is that the discovery center is a place where all children can leave with a positive scientific experience.
“We encourage our guests to explore, create, play, tinker, solve, read and discover with all of the exhibits,” Ganpat said. “We’re a great facility where people can spend two and a half hours leaning about science it’s a great family activity especially for children and the space theater is something people will enjoy seeing again and again.”