Letters to the Editor 7/20

When my husband told me we would be moving to Clovis, New Mexico, I was less than thrilled.
Two years later, I am very saddened at the thought of leaving. My husband has served in the Air Force for nearly 18 years and, needless to say, we’ve had our share of moves and lived in a lot of places. But, we have never before experienced such wonderful, kind, caring, and thoughtful people as we have found in Clovis.
I never cease to be impressed with just about everyone from the greeters at Wal-Mart to the stranger I pass on the street.
So while Clovis may not be much to look at, it definitely is something to experience.
Be proud of yourselves; be proud of your community. Thank-you Clovis, and the people who live here, for making our time here a true blessing.

Karen Forster

My name is LeAnn Westley (Johnson) and I used to be a permanent resident of Clovis until my husband joined the Army in September 2000.
When I first moved I thought I would return permanently when my husband got out of the Army. On every visit back to Clovis to see my family, I am shocked to see how different it is since I left.
I see more and more houses left abandoned and a lot of junky neighborhoods that used to look beautiful, new businesses being built in different parts of town instead of fixing up existing buildings, and don’t forget the crazy crime that has been going on that probably stems from drugs and poverty.
The neighborhood I used to live in was beautiful and people were proud of their homes and kept their yards clean. Now I go back and see trash or junk in a lot of yards and drug exchanges.
I would like to remember Clovis how it was; not how it is now.
There are a few good things I’ve noticed such as the remake of Potter Park.
But if the city has changed this much in three years, I fear what it will be like in 10.

LeAnn Westley
Fort Huachuca, Ariz.