gimme that mountain

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

boss when pastor leroy
beetle preached on
overcoming your
mountains and obstacles
for god i was ready to go

i tell ya boss i was ready i was
geared up i was pumped
gimme that mountain i kept
chanting over and over
ain t no mountain big enough
to keep me away from you
lord i sang

the other bugs and rodents in
the choir thought i had slipped
a cheese cog in my brain cause
they were trying to sing
amazing grace all the time i was
chanting gimme my mountain

church bugs can have the
meanest stares at times boss

anyway like i said i was excited
but nobody – not pastor leroy nor
the lord nor anybody – and
certainly not the bible – said
anything about any mountains
being made out of jello

but that s what happened boss i
was in a hurry – behind as usual –
when i got this frantic call from
jenny the cute little mouse next
door – she was delirious – nearly
beside herself – she said she
couldn t get out of her house
because an avalanche of red jello
had completely covered up her
front door and windows and she
desperately needed to go to the
bank as well as see about her
sickly grandmother mouse

i wasted no time boss i ran out
of my house so fast i hit
smack-dab in the middle of the
jello mountain

a toy dump truck full of red jello
had accidentally splashed it all
over sweet jenny s house

well here was my mountain but i
didn t know what to do with
that mass of quivering red jello

i got rid of my rugged spiked
mountain boots and i traded in
my trusty rope for a dilapidated
old plastic spoon

i tried to tunnel my way through
the cherry-flavored goo but to no
avail the top of it kept collapsing
on me and my trail

i tried to climb over it but i kept
falling through i tell ya boss
there was no quick way through
so i sat down in a pile of red goo
disheartened disgusted and blue

there s no way past this
mountain says me no way to
rescue my sweet jenny i see

just then boss my feet and my
whiskers traded ends going end
over end and there grinning at
me was my buddy sammy
salamander all covered in jello

what happened says me

oh nothing says he i just bumped
into you while swimming in
this lovely red sea

red sea says me why this is no
sea it s a hill of jello don tcha see

nosiree says he it s a sea to me
so why not swim along with me
and see – and off he went
swimming round and round the
jello mountain

it is a sea says me
so i swam right up to jenny s
door pulled her out and said
swim with me to that shore

and we did boss

it just goes to show you – there s
more than one way to climb a
mountain sometimes you have
to see it as a sea of opportunity