Newspaper T.V. guide sees change

CNJ Staff

Clovis and Portales TV watchers will see some changes in their newspaper television inserts beginning today. The size will decrease from 28 to 24 pages each week and all inserts, whether placed in the Clovis News Journal or the Portales News-Tribune, will carry listings for Cox Communications in Clovis, ComCast in Portales, and the Dish Network listings provided by Sun Comm for satellite television users throughout the area.
“The cost of newsprint is continually increasing, and this was a viable way to continue to provide the TV listings in both markets and allow our advertising customers to continue to reach both markets,” said Tammy Farkas, advertising director for Freedom Newspapers of New Mexico, which publishes both papers.
Because of the reduction in the number of pages, the “Netpicks,” “Soap Talk” and “Video Vantage” features will be dropped. Other features remain, including “Sports This Week,” “Cover Story,” “Daytime Movies,” and the crossword.
“I hope that our readers will understand the reason for the change and continue to use the product on a daily basis,” Farkas said. “I understand the importance of Just TV to our readers and believe that we still provide a useful and entertaining product.”