City backs off on sprinkler use

By Jack King

Because water storage tanks that serve the city are low, the city of Clovis has suspended the use of sprinkler systems in all city parks and the municipal golf course, Assistant City Manager Joe Thomas said Wednesday.
Use of the sprinkler systems will be suspended until further notice, although the city does not anticipate the suspension to last more than a few days. Conservative water practices are needed to allow the storage tanks, owned by New Mexico-American Water Co., to fill back up, Thomas said.
City personnel will continue to water greens at the municipal golf course using hoses, he added.
“There is an unusually high demand citywide that is drawing down the supply that New Mexico American Water has in storage. We have notified all departments to conserve water as much as possible until further notice. Again, we don’t anticipate that to be more than a few days,” Thomas said.