Water Q&A

Here are some thoughts of randomly selected Clovis residents regarding the Clovis water supply problem who were shopping Thursday evening at the North Plains Mall:

“This is okay if it’s fair for everybody. The city waters what it wants and so do the golf courses. If they’re going to cut somebody like myself, make it equal.”
— Steve Chavez

“I guess I limit my watering time anyway. I’m not one of those hard-core people who water. I probably water about three days a week, once a day, usually in the morning.”
— Jason Rocha

“I don’t think we should limit water usage. I’m from Texas where it’s more humid; this town is so dry and if you don’t water your lawn it will make your whole place look like junk. Also, kids like to play in the summer with water and we shouldn’t keep them from doing that.”
— Jason Pack

“We’re really for it. If that’s what will help our community to save water, everybody should do it.
We don’t water every single night anyway. We agree with all that’s being asked.”
— Carol Bessette

“I’m aware of the problem but I didn’t know what they’re trying to have us do. It doesn’t seem too unreasonable not to water for only two days, and I’m definitely not going to wash my car in the next two days.”
— Michelle Olszta Reeves

“I think it would be fine. Clovis could also start using more gray water and get our recycling system in place. I plan to try to do landscaping that uses less water at my home.”
— Martha Simms