Project Reader Reaction — Actors

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A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked participants which actor might best portray them in a movie. Some responses:

“Tom Hanks. According to Phyllis Gaedke, he is honest, down-to-earth, caring of all, faithful to family and friends, has a good sense of humor, doesn’t take himself too seriously and contributes to society. He can effectively portray my character at every stage of my life.” — Bill Gaedke, Clovis
“I think Julia Roberts could play me because she is shy, but outspoken when she is right. She has played parts where she has had to struggle to get what she wants, but will gladly give what she has to help others. I think she would make a wonderful me.” — Ardyth Elms, Clovis

“I suppose that in a life story several persons would need to depict the various ages.
However, because I have stage experience, I would demand to play myself in the “senior citizen” episodes.” — Harold Burris, Clovis

“Doris Day. Wouldn’t I like to be as cheerful someday!” — Carolyn Spence, Clovis