Finding friends or pictures of celebrities

By Tom DiFrancesca

Any autograph collectors out there?
I recently stumbled across a Web site that offers autographed pictures of celebrities. The prices range from $25 to $100; and there seems to be a pretty good selection of famous folks to pick from. Just jump over to
and check it out. You can, in some cases, pick among different photos, and select what you would like your personalized autograph to say.
I’ll make you a deal, though — send me $5, and I’ll send you a personally autographed picture of myself along with a clever greeting.
Save your money, shop at home.
Many of you, by now, have probably tried online dating and friendship services; I haven’t, of course, or I’d be typing this on my laptop while sitting in the dog house. The dog house isn’t very big and I am. Every time I sleep in it, I can’t straighten up for two days. Miss Susie Q will get me on the “straight and narrow” some day, I suppose.
Anyway, I’ve discovered a unique networking service, and it’s brand new — actually still in the beta testing mode. Go to
and check it out. Basically, you set up a free network of your friends and family — each one of them, in turn, adds their friends and family members to the network. Anyone who is a member of that particular network can then search through all of the members for potential new friends and future ex-spouses (that’s a joke). Members can add pictures, personal biographies, etc. When you’ve come across an interesting individual, the Friendster service will tell you how you and that person are connected (mutual friend, cousin, etc.).
I’m trying to figure out how an old married guy like myself could safely use the service and not end up waking up with a rawhide chew toy in my mouth.
Lately, while working out at the gym, I heard a number of radio advertisements for a new Web site entitled
and the slogan is “Long name, amazing results.”
Right now, it’s more like “Long name, not much there” — hopefully, that will change soon.
Remember blogs? I’ve discussed them a number of times — sort of like online journals that everyone can read. Well, there is a brand new form of blog making the scene these days. It’s called a “moblog” — for mobile blog. It seems that because of the increase in wireless devices (cellular telephones, PDAs, laptops) that can access the Internet, people are posting entries to their blogs via those devices. Check out
and you’ll see what I mean.
Another form of a “moblog” is one that includes digital images, especially ones taken with cellular telephones that have cameras built into them. If you’ll visit
you’ll see what I mean.
Although cell phones with cameras are beginning to get popular here in this country, they’re a real craze in Asia and Europe. I read recently where magazine stand and bookstore owners overseas are running people out of their businesses. It seems that the customers are taking pictures of the magazine pages that they want to read later, and are not purchasing the magazines.
Talk about being cheap — or resourceful.
Imagine being able to read pertinent and informative information without being hammered by intelligence insulting advertisements.
Not in this life.
Tom DiFrancesca III is a freelance columnist and a resident of Clovis. He can be reached at or