Interest in fair sparked by many things

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A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked participants what they liked about the fair. Some responses:

“My favorite part of the fair is checking out the people who work there. What forces brought them there? Is it something they dreamed about as a child, or settled for as an adult? Are they happy or unhappy? If the latter, does the freedom and hustle of moving from town to town sedate thoughts of what might have been?” — Wendel Sloan, Portales

“I love to watch the kids showing their livestock. You can see the pride in their eyes as they groom their animals for judging. They put a lot of work into their livestock and deserve a “good going” from everyone going by to look at the animals. I enjoy the displays of the local arts and crafts and I guess I have to say that I enjoy the fair foods, but it sure plays havoc with my diet.” — Ardyth Elms, Clovis

“There is still enough kid left in me to enjoy almost all the fair offers. I will admit that I have outgrown the carnival rides. I enjoy the art building, the commercial building and, of course, viewing the 4H kids’ animals that they have spent so much time, grooming and showing. I am always ready to eat and the church booths serve good food. One night a year will not raise my cholesterol count too high.” — James W. McDonald, Clovis

“I really enjoy the hypnotist show. I know a lot of skeptics think it’s all an act, but I know from experience that it’s the real deal. I’m also hoping that the lumberjack will come back this year. He put on a great show last year. The absolute best thing going would have to be the demolition derby though. It’s the best entertainment this side of the Caprock. The only things I don’t like are the blinding dust that the wind picks up and the lack of beer sales. I’ve never been to any other fair that doesn’t sell beer. Beer would definitely help out those spa sales.” — Richard Lopes, Clovis  

“I love the fair. In my much younger days, my brothers and sisters and I were in 4-H. We did the animal thing with steers, lambs, pigs. I really miss those days. It’s a place that you see people that you only see once a year. I look forward to taking my two grandsons every year.” — Mearl Thomas, Clovis

“The livestock exhibits are what I like most about the fair. The time and efforts the young people put into grooming and taking care of these animals are excellent character builders. To see the smile come across the face of these young people when they’re handed a ribbon makes my day.” — Michael Williams, Clovis