Residents to share experiences with readers

Welcome to My Life.
That’s a new feature that begins today in the Clovis News Journal.
Each week, the newspaper will recruit a different local resident to share his or her life’s experiences through the pages of a daily diary.
Muleshoe mayor and restaurant owner Victor Leal is our first volunteer. His diary will appear through Friday.
We’re looking to recruit citizen writers from all walks of life for the feature, from school teachers to students, firefighters to bookkeepers, lawyers to pizza-delivery workers.
I think you will enjoy visiting Leal’s world. He is a deep thinker with political aspirations. He is grounded by family and faith. He likes to ride bikes. He’s not afraid of a fight.
If we’re lucky, Leal will tell stories about his parents — their work ethic is a standard for us all — or he’ll launch a verbal assault on some perceived wrong and you’ll enjoy his passion for the cause … even if you don’t agree with him.
Our region is loaded with colorful characters, including Leal, whose daily travels are entertaining as well as informative. I think the diaries will give us a glimpse.
Want to volunteer?
Contact me at the phone number or e-mail address below and we’ll plug you into the rotation.
• • •
I often use this space to share complaints from readers. But the paper also receives kudos on a regular basis.
This came via e-mail on Sunday:
“I would like to give a big thumbs up to the CNJ Web site. It’s a great looking site and I found it very helpful and informative. Clovis has needed something like it for a long time. Keep up the good work.”
We made dramatic changes to our Web site — — in May and we’re still working out some kinks.
But we’re fairly pleased with its progression.
Our newsroom uses the site regularly to access previously published stories. Anybody can do the same by typing a key word into the “search” tool in the upper-left corner of the Web page.
Typing “David Lansford” will give you 44 stories in which the Clovis mayor’s name appears.
For now, the site is almost entirely local, though we’re exploring ways to post stories from The Associated Press and other wire services.
The newest addition to the CNJ’s Web site is an archived list of obituaries.
Click on “Past Obituaries” under the “Sections” heading and you will find an alphabetical listing of each obituary published in the CNJ since May.
The site includes special sections previously published in the paper, a regular poll question addressing timely issues, tools for advertisers, even some Clovis history, and a lot more.
We don’t publish a Saturday newspaper, but we often place breaking news stories on our Web pages as soon as we can gather information. Last Saturday morning, for example, we posted several high school football game reports and a tragic account of two drownings at Ute Lake on the Web site.
The site also includes links to two other area newspapers, the Portales News-Tribune and the Quay County Sun in Tucumcari.
We still need to make some improvements, and we’re addressing issues almost daily, but we think the site provides a wealth of information.
And it’s free.

From the Editor’s Desk is a weekly memo to CNJ readers. David Stevens can be reached at 763-6991, extension 310, or by e-mail: