Sandoval County vote totals flip

By The Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE – The Associated Press questioned a vote reversal in Sandoval County’s end-of-night results reported for the election on a constitutional amendment that would increase school funding.

Statewide, the AP tally showed the amendment leading by fewer than 900 votes and the race was too close to call early Wednesday.

Sandoval County results had been showing Amendment 2 prevailing throughout Tuesday evening.

In the last results provided by the county, the “against” vote had jumped ahead significantly, and county officials couldn’t be reached to confirm that their final report was correct.

The same was true of the county’s results for Amendment 1, although a change there wouldn’t impact the outcome, which had voters approving the amendment.

With 67 precincts reporting and two outstanding in the Amendment 2 race, the county reported a “for” vote of 3,696 and an “against” vote of 2,339.

The final report, which the county said included the hand tallies but not two locked boxes still to be counted, was “for” 3,721 and “against” 4,986.

The AP was unsure exactly what the hand tally included and didn’t include the county’s end-of-night results in its statewide tally.