Police pay problem can solve jail issue

Letters to the editor

It was not until I read the insightful comments of your readers in last Sunday’s paper that the solution to the city/county dilemma of police office pay and prisoner housing became clear.
Step 1: We can fire any of the cops who want money for their work. Right away this eliminates having to pay them salaries, plus we can see who is really devoted. Those who are willing to stay just for the privilege of wearing the uniform are our kind of people.
Step 2: We take the police uniforms of the ungrateful wretches who refused to work for free and distribute them among the prisoners, who will be delighted with them since they will be living in tents without any other apparel except their chains, and tell them that if they want their gruel they better get out and serve and protect.
Step 3: We tell the prisoner/police officers that if they want “out” of their plight they better get busy and arrest their replacements and fill any of the positions previously empty, thus achieving a full complement for the police department.
Step 4: We quietly ask any other city or county employees if in fact they are still unsatisfied with their exorbitant salaries and toss out the idea that a pay cut might be in order, given all the surplus labor wearing orange.
I believe the above fits neatly within the expressed fiscal philosophy of having your cake and eating it, too. Plus we’ll get points for recycling.
Charles Plath

Clovis vet opposes veterans benefit
I’m surprised to see an employee of Freedom Communications coming out in support of a federal entitlement program!
Don’t feel too sorry for us military retirees. The veterans disability tax you referred to is really a tax break. We give up a taxable retirement dollar and get back tax-free dollars. End result is my disposable income goes up.
I have a brother-in-law who doesn’t get any check for his service to the country. He answered the call and he really paid a price. They did engrave his name on a wall in Washington D.C., but I’m sure he would give up that honor to get a retirement check of any amount — taxable or non taxable.
Last point: The inequity between military retirees and other federal retirees does need to be fixed.
Why not eliminate the inequity by changing the system so other federal employees are treated the same as current military retirees?
I’m sorry. What was I thinking? Government can’t solve a problem by spending less tax dollars.
Auggie Jones

Conservative views are not views of hate
I read with great interest the “My Life” installment that appeared on Tuesday. I found the comments of Sharon Faulkner concerning the murder of Matthew Shepard repulsive and very, very sad. I don’t consider her view on this issue conservative, I find it shameful.
If labels must be used, I guess I’m a conservative. All of my political and social beliefs begin and end with the Constitution of the United States. I am a Republican, but I’m not particularly proud of the party at the moment.
I am also a life-long Christian. From the Bible I learned many things, but hate was not one of them. Judgment is also frowned upon in the New Testament. I think I know where Faulkner is coming from. However, I could never write as disrespectful a rant as she did. This man was murdered in cold blood and all she thinks about is sending him to hell.
This is the kind of attack that gives conservatives a bad name. I may not believe in abortion, gun control or Democrats, but I do believe in freedom and have a basic respect for humanity. A loving family, the Bible and reading too many “Captain America” comics when you’re young will do that to you.
Bill D. Middleton

Governor should deal with problems at home
Since Bill Richardson has been in office he has managed to create a new cabinet position (not yet staffed), visit with the north Koreans, increase our tax obligations, and schedule a visit with the Saudi Arabian government. Their agenda includes joint investments in energy, oil and gas, wind, solar, and biotechnology. What good will come of this?
Do the voters realize New Mexico could become the 25th state in which Saudi Arabia has energy investments? This is a proud statement of our governor, Bill Richardson.
Remember voters, he is the former U.S. Secretary of Energy and has cuddled the Saudis before. Now you see where his heart is?
I would like to see Saudi Arabia speak with action overseas in support of our anti-terrorist efforts. Remember, the majority of the 9/11 activists came from or were supported by the Saudi government.
Richardson needs to work at home on our problems of poverty, jobs and real solutions to the tax base; he doesn’t need to look for ways to feather his comfy nest. He needs to exit the world arena and leave the international politics to the heavyweights.
He may have the credentials but he is no longer the Secretary of Energy. He is our governor and he needs to stop bending the rules and interpreting the law to fit his convenience.
Denver Jones