Armed robbery suspect still at large

By Darrell Todd Maurina

Clovis police say they have no leads on a knife-wielding robber who stole an undetermined amount of money early Tuesday morning from the Allsup’s on Seventh and Hondo streets.
According to police reports, a young man wearing blue and white face paint came into the store about 1 a.m. Tuesday and ordered the clerk to give him all the money. Based on the robber’s appearance, the clerk thought he was joking until he brandished a large sheath-type hunting knife. After taking a bag of money from the clerk, the man ran out the front door and toward the north.
Detective Kirk Roberts said police have no leads, but said the case does not appear to be related to a series of robberies that took place over the summer.
“The description doesn’t match the other robberies and the M.O. (method of operation) isn’t the same,” Roberts said.
Roberts said he hadn’t run into a robber wearing face paint before.
Roberts said he hoped providing a detailed description of the robber would help someone remember seeing him earlier that evening, perhaps at a football party where the party-goers were wearing face paint with team colors.
Other identifying aspects included a dark blue ball cap with a tan or gold bill that had figures of two people in white silhouette on it. The man was wearing a sweatshirt with white stripes down the arms and matching pants that had white stripes down the leg.
The store clerk, Emmitt Salisbury, 33, said he was born and raised in Clovis but had never before been a crime victim.
“I just started working for the convenience store,” Salisbury said. “I was nervous, and after I thought about it I did think I was in danger.”
Salisbury said the robber was in and out of the store very quickly, and police arrived less than five minutes after the incident.
“I was on the phone with the dispatcher before he got out the door,” Salisbury said.