Cowboys-mania affects household again

Helena Rodriguez

I’ve become so lost lately in my own world of work and school, I didn’t realize the event of phenomenal proportions taking place before my very eyes.
I wasn’t aware how big this event really was and the huge impact it was having on the lives of my loved ones, one person in particular, until I suddenly landed back on Planet Earth and … and … and I discovered the Dallas Cowboys were winning games this football season.
I must confess, I didn’t realize the magnitude of this monumental event until Dad called my attention to this serious matter.
“I want you to write a story about something,” Dad tells me.
Dad, being a devout viewer of the hard-hitting news show, “The O’Reilly Factor” and a staunch advocate against social injustices during his younger days, I knew it had to be good.
“What worthy cause needed to be brought into the spotlight?”
“What unsung hero had gone unrecognized?” I asked myself.
It turned out to be worse than I imagined.
Dad pulls out a sports story written by the Portales News-Tribune’s own Tony Parra last week.
“Look at this!” Dad directs my attention to the first paragraph, which read, “The Dallas Cowboys are off to a fast start and area fans think they are for real …”
“We don’t THINK they are for real!” Dad corrected. “We KNOW they are for real!”
Need I say more? Indeed, the silver and blue are for real this season, but the real question is, “Will they make the playoffs?” Will it be a Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl year?”
As I’ve told Dad before, the Cowboys can’t always win, otherwise it’d be called the Dallas Cowboys Bowl. But that doesn’t stop Dad from almost sweating blood over his boys every season and from climbing rooftops to proudly raise his grand ole Dallas Cowboys flag.
That flag has flown every season since Dad got it, even when … even when … I have to be careful how I word this … it’s an emotional topic … even when the Cowboys did not win.
Just like the song, “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool,” Dad has been a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, even during the years the Dallas Cowboys weren’t “cool.” And every Christmas turns out to be a Dallas Cowboys Christmas. We always get Dad some kind of Cowboys souvenir: Cowboys folding chairs, T-shirts, rugs, etc.
If you think that’s Cowboy mania, get this. I did a story on a school administrator in Hobbs once who named his son Dallas and attempted to name his daughter Landry, but his wife decided they had enough Cowboy spirit in their family. But that didn’t stop him from putting green carpet in his home office and painting it like the Cowboys football field. Heck, in Hobbs, they even had Dallas Cowboys en Español on the radio.
I’d say Dad is still as fanatic about his boys than ever, but it has gotten a little harder to tell. He’s mellowed out over the years. I used to hear all kinds of screaming when his boys lost and hoots and howls when they won. Now we know the Cowboys have won when Dad comes out smiling, doesn’t bang things around and doesn’t ignore me when I ask who won.
I’m not sure what the deal is with men and football. Men complain about women and PMS, but NFL fever is worse. I used to date a sports writer whose whole weekend, and I am not exaggerating, would be ruined anytime Texas Tech lost. I was like, “Get over it!”
As far as I’m concerned, there’s more to life than football, although it is nice when the Cowboys win. And as far as Dad, a native Texan, is concerned, it’s all about them Cowboys!
The sign I gave him in his den reads, “On Earth as it is in Texas.”
Maybe we should add another sign that says, “As for me and my house, we will support the Cowboys!”

Helena Rodriguez is a staff writer for Freedom Newspapers of New Mexico.