Opinions of capture range from positive to ecstatic

Saddam Hussein did not resist when he was captured. AP photo

By Jack King

Comments in Clovis on the capture of Saddam Hussein ranged from thoughtful to jubilant Sunday, but all struck a positive note.
As Terry Travis of Farwell noted, “I’ll bet you’re not going to find anyone who says it’s a bad thing.”
“In general, it’s a good deal,” Travis said. “I don’t know how many problems it will solve, but it makes us look a little more adept at what we’re doing over there. It’s a step down the road.”
Amy Sellers, of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, whose husband is on active duty in the Air Force, had a slightly less reserved response: “Awesome!” she said.
“Hopefully, it’s the end of the bitterness and ugliness over there. The more fewer lives lost, the better off we are,” she said.
Scott Thurber of Clovis said Hussein’s capture is almost like a Christmas present.
“It’s a relief. It’s about time. It’s the holidays and this is a good sign. I’m optimistic,” he said.
Eastern New Mexico University student Monica Ramirez, of Logan, said she, too, thinks the capture is a good sign.
“Now, hopefully, the war can stop and our soldiers can come home and be with their families. Our nation can feel safer, too,” she said.
Noel Grajeda and his brother Victor Grajeda of Friona were both joyful and triumphant.
“It’s good. It’s great. It’s about time. This is why our soldiers are over there, away from their families at Christmas,” Noel said.
“One down. One to go.” said Victor, who added U.S. soldiers’ next catch should be Osama bin Laden. “President Bush should go on TV and say that if anyone doubted him, they shouldn’t now,” he said.
Tom Norvell of Clovis agreed that Hussein’s capture is good news for President Bush.
“We’re very proud of our president and of our troops,” he said.
Richard Knowles, of Upland, Calif., said no mercy should be shown the former Iraqi leader.
“I think they should execute him, because of the way he tortured his own people and because he’s killed so many of our troops,” he said.
World War II veteran Orlando Trujillo of Clovis said Hussein could help end fighting.
“It’s my opinion that they should force him to speak to his people, if they can. Through the media, he could tell them to put down their arms, that fighting is a mistake. It sure would save a lot of lives,” he said.
“I’m glad they caught him,” said Armando Aguilar. “It’s overdue, it’s great. I don’t know how it will affect their country. We’ve been listening to the radio, to people who say it’s good, or it’s bad. Overall, I think it’s good.”