Pit bull’s last meal today

By Darrell Todd Maurina

“Buddy’s” last meal will be today, though Dr. Glen Keim of Curry County Animal Hospital said he doesn’t know precisely what time he will serve the last meal to the pit bull dog accused of aggressive behavior toward people in law enforcement uniforms.
“It’s going to be the same thing it always is: We feed him a high-quality dog food,” Keim said. “It’s sad. Nobody here is happy about this deal, and the sheriff’s office is not happy either.”
Keim said the procedure in his office is to use a lethal injection and put animals to sleep one at a time.
That’s different from what Buddy would have received if he, like most animals captured by animal control, had been put to sleep at the Clovis Animal Shelter. Staff there said the procedure is to use carbon monoxide and animals are usually put to death in groups, depending upon the size of the animals and their aggressiveness.
Sheriff Roger Hatcher earlier said Buddy was transferred from the public animal shelter to the private animal hospital after he damaged cages when people in uniforms came within sight. While in the animal hospital, the efforts of Buddy’s owner, Greg Hromas, to keep him alive were repeatedly postponed, leading to $1,600 in bills to the sheriff’s office for boarding the dog.
Keim’s last bill to the sheriff’s office in Buddy’s case will be for the cost of a commercial euthanasia product that puts animals to sleep in about 15 to 30 seconds.
“It’s quick and it’s painless,” Keim said. “It’s going to be a needle stick in the foreleg. They don’t know it’s coming; it’s essentially no different from injectable anesthesia except in this case they don’t wake up.”
While Hromas said Wednesday that he didn’t want to attend Buddy’s final moments, Keim said Hromas is welcome to do so if he wishes.
“If he wants to come down, sure, he can do so, but he’s not contacted us at all,” Keim said.