Association to unify ministers begins in Clovis

I wish to express my appreciation to Rev. Lance Clemmons and other pastors of our community for organizing a badly needed Christian Ministerial Association.
The call is for all pastors of an evangelical church to be a member of this organization. Its primary mission is to provide fellowship and unity among all denominational pastors and churches. They could serve the community by planning annual Christian functions, such as See you at the Pole; National Day of Prayer; Easter sunrise services; Good Friday services and possibly an evangelical crusade.
This calls for pastors and churches to show complete unity and support to provide a service to the whole community. It would be for the benefit of all people within the community. It is not designed to benefit an individual church but to be a blessing from God for all people and churches. Let us pray for pastors, churches and our community that this effort will succeed.
If you are a pastor and interested in this ministry, you may contact Clemmons, the chairman of the Clovis Christian Ministerial alliance at 763-6821.
If you would choose to attend their monthly meeting, they usually meet at 8:30 a.m. on the first day of each month at the Sundance Steakhouse. The first January meeting will be Jan. 8.
Len Santi

Having exotic animals breeds responsible owners
People who have exotic animals take the time and trouble to find out how to take care of them. City officials should not take this freedom away from them. 
I admit abuse is something that has to be addressed at times, but if there is no abuse, then please let people have their pets.
Floretta Rogers

Kid issue piques Fort Sumner resident’s Curiosity
When the uranium mines folded near Grants, several families moved to Fort Sumner. It is a lovely valley and has excellent stores for the necessities and Clovis is not so far away.
I opened a small business almost 20 years ago and I meet a large number of tourists. Recently they have been asking why the mayor of Fort Sumner is so bent against proving Billy the Kid is buried near Fort Sumner — unless he is trying to cover up the fact that there is much doubt that the grave could actually be Billy the Kid’s. They say if he were sure the Kid is in the grave, then the mayor would be eager to prove it.
As for myself, Billy the Kid could be a young male goat in Taipei China.
So many tourists ask questions about Billy the Kid … I have no answers but am sure becoming curious about the entire fiasco.
Melton Hailey
Fort Sumner