Perfect gift ideas for the spouse

By Clyde Davis

Several weeks ago, we ran a list of the most undesirable toys one could imagine, the kind which might literally send your kids into a tailspin about what Santa had done to them.
Today, the last Christmas-focus column, we will be looking at spousal gifts — these to be taken in all seriousness. In keeping with this column’s commitment to keeping romance alive, well and healthy, this will come just in time for the last-minute shopper to put it into action. (To our Jewish readers — sorry. I know Hannukah began yesterday. But there is still time.)
For the him or her:
* Honor their favorite sport — the participant kind, not the spectator kind.
It was as an anniversary gift, not for Christmas, that my wife got me a new bike. But you get the drift. She will be getting the chance, in turn, on some trip to Lubbock, to pick out a new *********** for an outdoor activity she enjoys.
Why is the participant part stressed? Because you are also sending the loved one a message that you want him/her to stay active, healthy and vital. Active people make happier, healthier lovers than couch potatoes. (P.S. If the favorite sport is horseback riding, you might want to check out your yard size … haha)
For the him:
* Honor the favorite spectator sport — in person. To translate: If it was me, a couple tickets to the Amarillo hockey team or the Lady Raiders basketball team would be a great choice.
Suggest to him, if you don’t want to go, that he is free to invite a buddy, by making the tickets a pair. Noboby likes to scream themselves hoarse without a partner.
For the her:
* Honor the sensual and seductive side of her, by giving sleepwear that reminds her of how beautiful she is to you. You know what I mean.
There used to be a good store for lingerie in town but that has closed down. Never fear, Lubbock is near. Don’t even let her think she is not sexy to you.
For the him:
* Well, what lingerie is to her, mood music may be to him. Even though Barry White is gone, his voice is still with us via CDs. There is always Teddy Pendergrass, John Tesh, Norah Jones — you get the picture. So will he, if you put those CDs in his stocking. 
For the him or her:
* Candles, incense, bubble bath items, sponges, foot massage oil, back massage oil, hairbrushes, and any other items to be used in helping one another to relax and feel good.
For the him or her:
* The Christmas gift of a promise to go to Ruidoso, Santa Fe, Taos, or any of the other magical places within a short drive of our fair town. This works better if you can show her (or him) the actual reservations with a solid date attached.
For the him:
* There are these favorite films that every guy would like to have lumped together — for me, it would be the Clint Eastwood westerns, such as High Plains Drifter and Outlaw Josey Wales.
How would it be if you bought him the whole bunch? They can be found in such arrangements, and don’t cost too much. And who is his favorite author? Janice knows she can’t go wrong with Tony Hillerman or Elmer Kelton.
For the her:
* You guessed it — lump together three or four of her favorite chick flicks. And of course she has a favorite writer, too. Do you know who it is? (Try Pam Houston, for today’s Southwestern woman.)
I usually try to get her a piece of jewelry, too, but unless you are in a better income bracket, it is kinda late to start looking for that. The least romantic present of all is a big charge bill in January, so at least for me, layaway is a very romantic thing. …
Yeah, there are more, but I am outta space. You, however, should just be starting with ideas. Good luck.

Clyde Davis is pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Portales and an instructor at Eastern New Mexico University. He can be contacted at