Amos: sadie sings end-of-year blues

By Gary Mitchell

amos the churchmouse:
a view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse who types by hurling himself at the keys, but he can’t use the shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks — except for hyphens and dashes.

sadie sings end-of-year blues

boss i woke up
depressed this morning

it s the end of the
year my life is in
disrepair there are
so many deeds left
undone so many words
left unsaid so many
promises left unkept

it s sad i said so why
not go back to bed

but my alarm clock
kept ringing its
little knob off and
i had to get up boss

but i didn t like it much

i was still depressed
when i walked out into
the cold winter air

a noise floated down
the street it was the
raucously happy song
of hoppy the happy toad

and boss the last soul
a depressed mouse
wants to see is a
happy toad

so i crossed over to
the other side of
the street

who do you suppose i
chanced to meet – sadie
the ladybug – she was
singing something that
sounded like a funeral
dirge now here was a
kindred spirit

life is bad life is sad
sadie wailed i should be
in jail for all the ways
i ve failed the end of the
year is a drag for all bugs
spiders and hags life is
bad life is sad the end of
the year is a drag

now sadie says me i can
commiserate but don t
you think you exaggerate

no way mouse-ay there s
a lot more i could say

in fact you could start
with oy-vey oy-vey
woe is me woe is me
cried little miss sadie

the end of the year
causes fear and
consternation shame and
alienation anxiety and
frustration it s a bad
trip it s a low flip
and you find yourself
face down under the
shelf wallowing in self-
pity and singing this
little ditty

life is bad life is sad
each day sags like a bag
life is just a drag

by now boss i was so
low my whiskers were
barely above my toes

just then flit the firefly
flitted by whistling a
happy little tune and
crooning a bit at the
fading moon

you re so happy why says i

don t you know it s the
end of the year says me
trying to hold back a tear

that s the best time
to be happy and free don t
you see says he

nope i don t says me

why looky here says he
it s the end of the year
that s true but it s also
the start of the new
out with the old in with
the new it s time to be
bold a time to renew a
time to leave behind all
ills and unkind deeds and
press ahead to new rhymes
good times and kind deeds

i tell ya amos the end of the
year is a good thing you can
clean up the old and bring
in the new with a loud ring
so stand up and sing

life is good life is grand
there s forgiveness in
jesus the one who frees us
from our past and our sin
a new year we begin so
boys strike up the band
after all life is good
life is grand

he was right boss life
sure looks better on the
other side of forgiveness