Almanac’s weather appears to beat the professionals

By Tom DiFrancesca III

Seems like a pretty strange winter we are having.
One day it’s cold, the next day we are out washing our vehicles in short sleeves. I seem to recall that during the fall — the National Weather Service had predicted that this part of the country was in store for a cold, wet winter. I reckon they were almost half right.
Today, I decided to go check out what the Old Farmer’s Almanac had to say about the weather in these here parts. I jumped over to none other than
After checking out the “Weather” section, I found a prediction for this region that matches almost exactly the weather that we have been experiencing.
I mean, right on the money.
If the Almanac’s predictions continue to play out, we are also in store for a hot, dry summer — any surprise?
It seems to me that things just sorta feel out of kilter, when there is no definite, defining transition from season to season. Feels like, the past few years — we get a day or two of fall, and then it feels like summer again. We get a day or two of winter, and then — we are back into fall.
Sometimes, we get all the way into spring — and then, we get a couple inches of snow, like it’s winter again.
I’m a thoroughly confused, seasonally affected, Internet geek.
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These past few days must feel like heaven to those folks who are fascinated with space exploration. NASA has been receiving fantastic digital images from the surface of Mars, transmitted by Rover.
I’ve been impressed with the amount of detail in the images. Impressive, also, is that some of the images are created in such a way that scientists can utilize 3-D glasses to view the pictures. You can learn more about the Mars exploration and view some of the transmitted images, by going to
You will be glad that you did.
You probably notice that I mention Internet search engines quite a bit in this column. My opinion is that the ability to rapidly search billions of Web pages in a matter of seconds, is one of the most important aspects of the World Wide Web. Without search engines, basically, we’d be up a creek. It would take us days instead of seconds to find what we are looking for — if we even found it at all.
I’ve found yet another search engine, and by going to
you’ll see that the format of the search results that you get is just a little different from most other search engines. Vivisimo groups the search results into clusters, basically organizing the results by their relationship to each other.
You’ll really just have to visit the Web site and try it for yourself to understand the concept. In the past, I had utilized a software program to do the same thing, but you know me — I’m cheap — once the trial period ran out, I didn’t purchase the registration key.
My hope was that some day a Web site would display the same type of search results. My hopes have been fulfilled.
At last, I feel whole again.

Tom DiFrancesca III is a freelance newspaper columnist and a resident of Clovis. He can be contacted by visiting