Couple ‘nails it’ at competition

Reporter’s Notebook

For many a backyard handyman, a hammer, a nail and a high-stress situation would mean a sore thumb and the potential loss of a thumbnail. But for Everett and Donna Ewers, it meant a national championship for each of them, followed by trips to New York City and Hollywood to appear on television.
The Grady couple participated in a Stanley Works-sponsored nail-driving competition last week at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Nev.
“We had three days to qualify,” Ewers said. To qualify, contestants attempted to drive three 16-penny nails into boards in the shortest amount of time. Everett qualified with .88 of a second. In the women’s competition, Donna set a new record with a qualifying time of 1.22 seconds, her husband said.
The top qualifiers competed, tournament fashion, in driving five nails — best two out of three, he said.
This was Donna’s second time to win the competition and Everett’s first. She is an accounting student at Clovis Community College, and he runs Double EE Handy Services in Grady.
The two 31-year-olds were to travel to New York today to appear on ESPN2’s Cold Pizza show on Monday, followed by a possible appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday. Next week, they are to fly to Hollywood to appear on Fox Sports’ Best Damn Sports Show Period on Feb. 2.
The nail-driving competition, Everett said, “is really getting to be a big deal. It’s something else to watch men and women get up and compete.”

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