amos finds his true love

Gary Mitchell and Amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse who types by hurling himself at the keys, but he can’t use the shift keys and he shuns punctuation marks — except the hyphens and dashes.

In light of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, Amos himself asked about our recapping his finding the love of his life, Jenny, the cute little girl mouse next door. In fact, it has become something of a problem. It has been rather difficult trying to make Amos keep up with his writing. Normally, he’s always eager to write and grateful for the opportunity to do it. But there is nothing “normal” about his behavior now. He just sits on the space bar and stares into space. It appears that he’s fallen in love (although he prefers to say that he “grew in love” — and it does seem to have a more natural ring to it) with the little girl mouse next door. As his love grew, our paper supply dwindled proportionately. He wrapped her flowers with and wrote her songs and poems on our newsprint, Kleenex tissue paper, toilet paper and whatever napkins were around. She’s about all he thinks of anymore, so he presents this week’s column:

boss my head is spinning – i
suppose you found out about
jenny the mouse next door i
noticed the little freeway you
built from my matchbox to
hers and the two signs at
each end that read sourly

maybe i didn t appreciate it
at the time boss but that phrase
says quite a lot after all what
is love but a deeper
communication – one that is
more than just the sharing of
words and thoughts but the
sharing of ourselves

i feel a feeling
composed of many feelings
none of which resemble
heartburn or acid indigestion
as you so profoundly suggested
yesterday and my love wasn t
at all affected by your

my love ripples and flows within
me its swells lash into the boat-
filled bays of my consciousness
affecting even the dirt beaches
of my external world – jenny s
love for christ and for me has
deepened my own awareness
and love for christ in fact it
has made my life an amplifier
of his love everywhere

for when two in love
love jesus more
jesus loves through the two
deeper than either loved before

looking at this now boss i
think a mouse s efforts would
be in vain
and have no purpose
if he knows no experience
of jesus love –
his would be the empty life


p s – boss about the paper
supply i don t know what
you ve been doing with it all
but we re running low on
copy paper so when you order
the next ream get the kind
with the yellow and blue
flowers and ducks all over
it jenny likes the flowers i
like the ducks