Uneducated drivers roam Clovis streets

Letters to the Editor

After reading Friday’s letters to the editor regarding traffic citations issued at Commerce and Prince streets, I have come to the conclusion that everything is the fault of something else, not our own fault.
Did those who were ticketed ever consider yielding the right of way or letting another go first? How about the concept of keeping right except to pass? Or does driving in the inside lane, below the speed limit, obstructing those trying to proceed, give them a feeling of power?
Have they ever thought to use that lever on the left side of their steering column before they turn and brake? No, I guess they wanted to make sure I knew what they did, not what they were going to do.
I see surprised people every day at uncontrolled intersections in shock when I don’t yield to them on the left. And when did the hold line for the red light become the far side of the crosswalk?
Since when do my rights give cause to disrespect their rights? For that matter, when do their rights give cause to disrespect mine?
People want less congested traffic on north Prince? Try exercising a little awareness and courtesy. My rights end where theirs begin.
Greg F. Weigl

Super Bowl halftime for younger crowd
I am sick and tired of hearing about the older folks’ views of the Super Bowl halftime show. Kid Rock wore a shirt (with the American flag) that displayed our pride in this country, then took it off and threw it on the ground. Tell that grandpa to listen to some of his music, or see how many of the United Service Organization (USO) tours he has been on.
Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake planned to do something that they knew would boost their careers. It might have offended people, but it gave us something to talk about.
Now all we are hearing is: “Where is the apology from MTV, CBS, or the NFL?” Apologize for what? They did what they were contracted to do, which was give us an entertaining halftime show.
Did any of you old-timers think that they might want to attract a younger audience?
Adam Martinez