Movie ignites ‘Passion’ in Clovis

Project Reader Reaction

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked about the movie “The Passion of the Christ.” Some responses:

“While I haven’t had the opportunity to view this epic yet, I think the question on everyone’s mind as a result of the movie is ‘Who killed Jesus?’
“If you type this phrase into the Google search engine, you will get over 3,900 hits. … The fingers of guilt most popularly point at either Pontius Pilate or at the high priest Caiaphas. But the truth as I see it is that God sent his only begotten Son to die on the cross so that the sins of mankind might be forgiven.
“And those who take Scripture seriously have always known who killed Jesus: You and I and all other sinful human beings did so. No one race, religion, or person is responsible. The responsibility lies on all the human race who had sinned.
“Now it’s up to all of us to once again remember why Jesus died at the cross and to refresh our beliefs.”
— Bob Baker, Clovis

“I plan not to see it because of the brutality. While this is realism, it is depressing rather than entertaining.”
— Harold Burris, Clovis

“I think this is great! I feel it is time people recognized the pain and suffering Jesus went through to save us from our sins. I can only wish everyone could see the movie and start living morally right.”
— Ardyth Elms, Clovis

“I haven’t seen this movie. I would like to, but I keep hearing about the graphic whipping, beating and crucifixion scenes. I don’t go to ultra-violent movies. As for the media feeding frenzy from the politically correct crowd about the film possibly inciting anti-Semitism, well, I don’t buy it.”
— Brent McBee, Clovis

“No plans to see the movie. Mother read me the book 55 years ago and I’ve had the opportunity to read parts of it myself. (I) don’t think an R-rated movie can improve upon the book.”
— Auggie Jones, Clovis

“I didn’t see the movie yet, but I will — not to see what all the hype is about, but to watch a movie. I think people are forgetting a few things about the Hollywood movie makers. I don’t believe Mr. Gibson wanted to change the Bible or history. I believe he is an entertainer and a businessman.
“Movies are made for entertainment … and to make people money. Just look at the marketing job he did. You can see he saved a lot (with) the free advertising.”
— Steve Gershon, Clovis

“This movie should make people think about what their priorities are. Maybe it will convince people to re-examine their faith.”
— Harry M. Richards, Clovis

“I’m electing not to view this film because I find the subject matter to be too disturbing. I think it’s reprehensible and irresponsible that news is spreading of people taking their 6-year-old children to watch this movie. Even more bothersome is the fact that the same people complaining about Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl stunt are taking their children to watch a film about a man that gets brutally murdered in graphic detail. These kinds of movies are far more traumatizing than anything you’ll ever see in ‘Playboy’ magazine.”
— Richard Lopes, Clovis