Many could benefit from tax hike money

Letters to the Editor

Now that we will all be taxed even more — since voters on Tuesday approved an increased gross-receipts tax — maybe the city will tackle the following issues:
1. Fix city streets (or at least paint the lines on existing streets).
2. Improve maintenance at city parks, such as purchasing paint for the tacky-looking railing at Potter Park.
3. Furnish safe playground equipment at Patrick Sandoval Park.
4. Make available free recreational activities for the children of our city.
5. Increase trash pickup without increasing cost to people. Overflowing dumpsters make an unattractive sight for the city.
Rhonda Griego Roberts

OK, city leaders: We have the tax increase, so let’s get busy and give our police officers the raise they have deserved for so long.
Our police officers should have a decent entry-level wage — and every four or five years that they stay with us they should get another small percentage raise, around 3 percent to 5 percent.
This would keep them on board. And we all know the more experience an officer has, the more valuable they are to the force.
J. D. Cole

Staying slim unhealthy for average income
The obesity in this country has been a major topic for some time now. Several solutions to this epidemic have been suggested — everything from taxing fast food (much like cigarettes), to downsizing menu items, and even giving out fines to individuals for eating unhealthy foods.
I think there is a much simpler solution: Healthy foods, both in grocery stores and at fast-food restaurants, need to be made more affordable.
Those of us on a tight budget, as I am, are often faced with a choice between a 79-cent cheeseburger and a $5 salad.
Fresh fruit and vegetables, and other healthy items, are so much more expensive than the more fattening, unhealthy items.
Instead of paying farmers not to farm their land, maybe the government ought to give farmers incentives to grow more produce.
More produce would cause prices to drop, thus making the prices of fresh fruits and vegetables cheaper.
Until then, it is simply going to be more affordable to eat less healthy.
Jennifer Diane Johnson

‘Trying’ not keeping city staff on board
I read in the paper our city recently lost another valuable police officer. She cited better wages as her reason for leaving.
I am 100 percent behind anyone who tries to make more money to support their families. But this is hurting us. Our police force was shorthanded before. It is worse now.
I am getting involved because I care for our city employees and for our city. Someone has to push the ball to help this serious situation.
Yes, it is getting very serious.
I fully understand city officials say they are “trying” to do something to solve this problem. But how long are we going to “try?”
While we are “trying,” we are losing valuable employees. The mayor and the city commission are to be commended for the valuable work they do, but in reference to this, their priorities are not in order.
We must take care of all our city employees now.
Ben Moralez