the roaming ant riddler

Gary Mitchell and Amos the Churchmouse

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse who types by hurling himself at the keys, but he can’t use the capital shift keys and he shuns punctuation marks — except dashes and hyphens.

 the roaming ant riddler

last week boss we had a
celebrity of sorts visit the
fair environs of our
bugtussle community i
don t know if you ve ever
heard of roving red the
ant riddler  he may not
have much of a following
in people society but he s
quite the hero to us
bible-thumping folks in
the church pew underworld

his reputation preceded
him boss we all expected
him to be such a saintly
mighty ant of god

roving red is without a
doubt the smartest bible
riddle ant in the world
riddle me anything about
the old or new testament
roving red boasted proudly
there s not a bible riddle i
can t handle

so we set up a bible
riddlers panel comprised
of the most knowledgeable
bible teachers in our
church pew community

as roving red headed
to the panel platform
little freddy flea hopped
happily up to him for his
autograph after all roving
red was his bible hero

out of my way kid says red
somewhat surly can t you see
i m in a hurry

poor little freddy was hurt
to the core but he perked
himself up and tried once more

i told you to go away kid
says red go play in traffic
or jump off a garbage can lid

so freddy trundled away as
the panelists started 
riddling red at bay

at what time of day was
adam created asked ollie
the owl

that s easy says red he was
created a little before eve

the church pew crowd
hooted its approval while
red bowed and waved his
hand as an act of removal

how about this says sammy
salamander god made a bow
that no one can tie – what is it

it s a rainbow says red with
a hiss surely you guys can do
better than this

boss the panelists and the
crowd as well began to tire
of roving red s arrogance
in spite of his apparent

then came the riddles
one right after the other
but red answered them
with hardly a bother

where does exodus come
before genesis asked felix the fly
in the dictionary came the reply

why couldn t jonah trust
the ocean
because he knew there was
something fishy about it

and on it went – nobody could
stump the great bible riddler
but boss when red left he
left in a rush to his next town
stepping on smaller animals and
stinging his way through the
bigger ones – let me tell ya boss
he was a big pain for a little guy

it just goes to show you boss
like the apostle paul wrote
in first corinthians thirteen
you can know all riddles and
have all kinds of bible knowledge
but it s all wasted if you don t
have love for one another – that s
what we all really need