Readers: Covered arena not part of deal

Project: Reader Reaction

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked about Curry County’s latest plan to build a special events center by refurbishing the rodeo arena at the county fairgrounds. Some responses:

“It’s the same old story — politicians promise one thing and deliver something else. At this point, I would just like to see something being built. Every time this issue appears in the CNJ, the story is about another plan. This project is being planned to death. They need to start building something.
“Maybe we should just give up on the events center and use the money to build the detention center annex. Sending $1.4 million a year to Dickens County, Texas, (to house prisoners) isn’t benefiting any of us here in Curry.
“Maybe the next plan will combine the two structures into one complex. We could use jail labor to clean the horse stalls and the arena floor could be an exercise yard for the prisoners.”
— Auggie Jones, Clovis

“Citizens of Clovis and the surrounding area are getting a little perturbed about how our council persons are running things … If we don’t get this new events center as promised, they can start looking for another job. After all, they can be voted out of a job just as easily as they were voted in.
“Our citizens are getting fed up with all the promises that the city and county are saying that they will do. Nothing is being done except delaying the building of the events centers, for both city and county.
“With the delay they are causing, more than 10 percent is being (added) onto the cost each year, or possibly more as the cost of living rises. … And here we sit with nothing to show for all our past tax money except raising their salaries.
“Let’s build an events center now. Show us something for our money. Get started with the program.”
— Gerald Majewski, Clovis

“They use these fancy words like ‘Special Events Center,’ but what they really want is a big indoor rodeo arena so they can say that Clovis has the biggest around … Do you really think they are planning special events other than rodeos? Yep, they bring in the money, so let’s call a horse a horse when we see it. Let’s upgrade what we have and be happy.”
— Steve Gershon, Clovis

“When the residents voted it wasn’t for what is being presented now. Somebody changed in midstream and … the residents need to really question what is going on with this new proposal.”
— Charles Hemphill, Clovis

“I would like to know how many seats would be available, and what provisions have been made for non-livestock events. Understand that I love to attend a good rodeo and watch a good horse buck, or watch top cutting horses. I understood the original idea was to build a facility that could be adapted to a number of purposes, including but not limited to the previously mentioned activities. Also, we have already been told that the center will most probably operate in the red.
My question is this: Why are we, the citizens of Clovis and Curry county, allowing both the city and county governments to pursue separate projects? One event center rather than two (means) less red ink, fewer employees, no conflicts between two centers on dates. Call it the ‘Eastern New Mexico Events Center.’”
— Frank Dalton, Clovis

“As far as I can tell from what I have read and heard, we are spending money on a coverup, not a building worthy of being called an events center. What kind of event can we have on the old rodeo grounds? Who wants to have any kind of event with the smell of horse manure in the air and under foot? The commissioners need to look further for contractors within our price range.”
— Ardyth Elms, Clovis

“Putting a metal roof over a rodeo arena hardly constitutes anything more than an insulated rodeo arena. The ceiling needs to be designed to accommodate sound from concerts. Additionally, some special events require a hard floor as opposed to dirt. While it’s easy to say that the allocated money could be better spent or partially diverted to 100 other locations, I do believe the taxpayers have spoken back in 2001.”
— Richard Lopes, Clovis

“It will never work, and I do not believe that’s what my tax dollars were intended to pay for.”
— Mearl Thomas, Clovis

“What with huge capital outlays needed by our schools, for street repair and police salaries, I tend to question whether a special events center ever will be built. Its cost effectiveness seems unlikely, and the maintenance expense would be huge. I’m l00 percent for progress, but have serious reservations about this project.”
— Harold Burris, Clovis

“Simply put, the new proposal by the powers that be is not what the voters approved. … Would someone tell the public, quite honestly, why Clovis and Curry County will not join together to build an events center?
“It’s very interesting that the leaders of an area that touts itself as a ‘Character Counts Community,’ where the Ten Commandments are on the courthouse lawn … that prides itself in church involvement apparently let pride and mistrust prevail over deciding what to do about an events center.
“An events center was decided and done within four years in the early ’90s in Roswell. What’s the problem here?”
— Brent McBee, Clovis