Park to be beautified for Melrose centennial

By Michelle Seeber: Freedom newspapers

Melrose will celebrate its 100th birthday next year, and to prepare for that, the Melrose Park Committee is conducting a work day, starting at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, for the city’s Baxter Memorial Park.
Members of the committee have been working since last June to beautify the park, and have planned an array of park additions including trellises, work benches, plants and a drip system, said Lois Lesley of the city’s park committee.
“The main reason we started this was to honor our old-timers — the ones who started Melrose,” Lesley said. “Melrose wasn’t quite a year old when my family moved there.”
The committee is also selling bricks, allowing buyers to imprint names on them, Lesley said.
The bricks will be put in an area of the park.
To get a name put on a brick, people can pick up forms at the American Heritage Bank in Clovis or Melrose, fill out the forms and return them to the bank along with a monetary donation, Lesley said.
Lesley urged anyone who wouldn’t be able to work Saturday to take a picnic lunch to the park and visit with the people beautifying it.
“Talk to us while we work,” she said.
“We’ve got 35 feet of trellis to put up in one area,” Lesley said. “The park is 350-feet long and 250-feet wide. We’ve already put out 75 big plants and 50 little plants. But we’ve got 23 more big plants to put out. We’ll have wrought iron on our gazebo and it’s going to be painted white. I think it’ll be beautiful.”
Lesley said she didn’t know whether the people who show up Saturday would be able to complete the project in eight or nine hours.
“There’ll be about 1,500 feet of drip system that needs to be put in,” she said. “It’s just whatever a person can do.”
Ruth Ashley, also of the Park Committee, added, “We’re just trying to beautify Melrose. We need people to show up. We’re trying to get the plants and everything in so the park looks better next year for the (city’s) centennial.”