Water shortage not a wake-up call yet

Project: Reader Reaction

Project: Reader Reaction members were asked recently to offer comments on any subject. Some responses:

“As I listen to all the bickering about water in the area, it amazes me that people know that there is a shortage. But you can drive around town and see businesses with automatic sprinklers going even when it’s raining, or gas stations washing down the entire parking lot instead of using a broom. People just take water for granted. We really need to wake up.”
— Steve Gershon, Clovis

Rain without a lot of complaints refreshing
“The rain is great and it’s very refreshing that there have been no complaints about too much of it!”
— Bill Gaedke, Clovis

Some residents treat their dogs with cruelty
“I have noticed more and more loose dogs where I live because when I walk my dog I get barked at and rushed by barking dogs. It is unsettling for both me and my dog. I wonder at people who think animals will survive without people to feed and shelter them. …
“I have also noted a number of large dogs that are chained in a fenced yard. I can understand chaining a dog if the dog jumps the fence, but if they have to chain a dog, at least give the dog enough chain to move more than three feet. This is unfair to larger dogs who need the exercise and the ability to use the bathroom away from their bedding and food area.
“I have also observed a couple of dogs who don’t have access to water all the time. Don’t these people think that a dog needs water access 24 hours a day, not just once or twice a day? This is cruel and I just don’t understand it.”
— Ardyth Elms, Clovis

Daylight-saving time just an annoyance
“Daylight-saving time only serves to disturb the body rhythms of sleep, digestion, and elimination. Furthermore, Arizona and other (places), get along very nicely without it. It is impossible to create additional daylight by adjusting clocks, so why bother? I consider DST to be an unnecessary abomination.”
— Harold Burris

High school’s growth is being mishandled
“Every school year you see more and more portable buildings going up at the high school, and each school year you see contractors working into the school year. This causes problems with good teaching.
Noises take away from the school environment of teaching and learning. It also causes safety issues for the contractor and the school. …
“Also when is somebody going to wake up to the fact that Clovis High School just might be outgrowing itself and a need for a larger school might be the right answer? …”
— Charles F. Hemphill, Clovis