Outdoor activities most popular

Project: Reader Reaction

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked for favorite warm-weather activities. Some responses:

“Nothing in this world makes me happier then being in one of my junk cars, running down the highway listening to ’60s music and hearing the rumble of the exhaust and feeling the warmth of the sun on my left arm.”
— Jim Sitterly, Clovis

“My favorite warm-weather activity is being outside working in the yard or just relaxing having a barbeque and a few good brews.”
— Michael Williams, Clovis

— Chet Spear, Clovis

“The favorite warm-weather activity that I enjoy is fishing, walking and just getting exercise to keep myself fit and healthy. I also enjoy working out in the gym … for extra cardiovascular exercise. … Staying healthy is a key to a longer life and I intend on staying around for a little while longer.”
— Gerald Majewski, Clovis

“My favorite warm-weather activity is swimming in my own pool, which we do not have … (because I would) not have to worry about crowds, sand in shoes and shorts, and able to relax and enjoy.”
— Harry M. Richards, Clovis

“My favorite warm-weather activity is a picnic in a tree-shaded park with my girlfriend.”
— Brent McBee, Clovis

“Golf (and) pontoon boating.”
— Harold Burris

“I like to drive as high and deep into the mountains as I possibly can to escape that stifling Clovis heat. It feels great to spend lazy days camping deep in the woods far away from traffic and noise.”
— Richard Lopes, Clovis

“Neither heat nor cold affects our dog, Buddy; we frolic with him in the backyard several hours every day. During our most recent snow, I made a snow dog for Buddy and I took his picture. The picture of Buddy was great, but the snow dog blended in so well with the snow that he doesn’t show up in the picture!
“For really warm weather, I like to burn up the high school track doing 100s and 200s, just trying to maintain some speed that will help me when I return to competing in the U.S. Masters track and field competition. (Burn up means 20-second 100s, but that’s very good in my age group, which on a pleasant day is what the temperature might be!”)
— Bill Gaedke, Clovis