City gives $28,500 to special intrests

David Arkin: CNJ correspondent, Political Notebook

Contributors in Clovis have given more than $28,000 to federal campaigns and special interest groups this year.
According to, a Web site that provides in-depth data on who gives money to candidates and groups, those living in the Clovis-area 88101 zip code — which accounts for a huge portion of the city — have given $28,5000 this year. The Web site says the average zip code in the United States has given a little more than $21,000 this year.
During the 2002 election, those living in the 88101 zip code gave more than $60,0000. And in 2000, those living in the zip code gave $52,000.
Of those who contributed, an overwhelming amount gave to GOP candidates and groups.
Rep. Jose Campos, the lone Democratic lawmaker in eastern New Mexico, said it takes a lot of work to raise money in an area that is a Republican stronghold.
“I raise money locally,” he said. “A lot of the help that I get is local. That’s how I’m able to compete.”
Campos said he had fund-raisers recently in Fort Sumner, Santa Rosa and Portales.
“The contributions I get are small — $100-$150,” he said. “We have to do lots of fund-raisers.”
Here is a look at who gave the most in the 88101 zip code during the last 18 months:
• W. J. Magee, $5,000, National Republican Congressional Committee
• Steven McCart, $1,200, United Transportation Union
• K Barnett, $2,000, Rep. Heather Wilson
• K Barnett, $2,000, Associated General Contractors
• K Barnett, $1,000, President Bush
• James Bostwick, $1,000, Rep. Steve Pearce
• Wayne Palla, $1,000, Pearce
• Art Schaap, $1,000, Bush

Here is a look at the individuals and groups that have received the most contributions in the 88101:
• National Republican Congressional Committee, $11,000
• President George W. Bush, $3,450
• Rep. Steve Pearce, R-N.M., $2,700
• Associated General Contractors, $2,000
• Rep. Heather Wilson, R-N.M., $2,000
• United Transportation Union, $1,200
• Texas Cattle Feeders Association, $1,000
• Republican National Committee, $970
• Farm Credit Council, $800
• Independent Community Bankers of America, $800

So far this year, residents in the 88130 zip code in Portales gave $16,170 to campaigns and groups. In 2002, residents in that zip code gave $33,112.
Here is a look at the top contributors.
• Alva Carter, $1,000, Pearce
• Jimmie Shearer, $1,000, Bingaman
• David Stone, $3,000, Wilson
• Stone, $2,000, Independent Community Bankers of America
• Stone, $1,000, Pearce
• Tom Teune, $1,000, Bush
• Carter, $720, Dairy Farmers of America

Debate set for Tuesday
On Tuesday at 6 p.m. on KWKA 680-AM, all candidates running for office in the area have been invited to take part in a question-and-answer session.
The radio station will give candidates three minutes to speak. Then audience members will be able to ask questions. Both local and state Legislators and Senate candidates are invited.
The event will be held in the lobby of the radio station. Because of space constraints, the event isn’t open to the public.
Roberts on the radio
Rep. Earlene Roberts, R-Lovington, had a busy week.
On Wednesday, she talked to the Chavez County Republican Women and on Thursday was interviewed by KBIM radio in Roswell. On Friday she was in Artesia for another interview.
She also said she did an interview this week with KSEL radio in Portales.
“I’m just plugging along,” she said. “I’ve been extremely busy.”
On May 13 she took part in a forum in Lovington with local, county and statewide candidates. She said her opponent didn’t attend the forum.
Ignition is hot
The man challenging Roberts — Keith Gardner of Roswell — said when he was in Portales recently on a campaign stop he heard more complaints about the proposed ignition interlock system than any other issue.
Gardner said Roberts was one of the few Republicans who voted for the system that would have required interlock ignition systems be placed in every vehicle in the state.
“There are just a lot of people concerned about that,” he said. “There is also concern in Portales over pro-life issues.”
On Wednesday, Gardner spoke to the Republican Women of Chavez County and this coming week he will speak to the Republican Women of Lea County.
He said he wished there was a forum or debate in Portales.
“I hit about 400-450 doors when I was in Portales and everyone was really nice,” he said.
He also did a radio interview in Artesia last week. He said he’s trying to set one up in Portales.
Early voting continues
Curry County Clerk Mario Trujillo said about 30 people early voted at the office’s alternative site in West Plains Mall on Saturday, the first day that it was open.
On Tuesday, 15 people early voted in the first hour that the site was open, he said.
People can early vote up until Saturday.