Memorial Day dedication appreciated

Memorial Day in Curry County was made even more memorable by the special dedication services of the Curry County war memorial on the library lawn.
A personal “thank you” to the Clovis Veteran Council and the Glaze Monument Company for all the planning, effort and labor.
May we all always be mindful of the cost of freedom.

—Perry and Rada Winkles

Clovis deeply missed by former resident
I was stationed and retired out of Cannon Air Force Base.
I was looking at the Clovis News Journal Web site when I read what readers like about Clovis. Allow me to add my two cents.
What I liked about Clovis was the people I came into contact with. I also worked at radio station KICA-FM and we had the greatest listeners that I have ever been involved with.
… The Saturday night callers were great. I would give anything to be back on the radio in Clovis.
I really miss the people. I also miss the great food in Clovis.
I have lived in many countries and I enjoy small-town America the best. I currently live in a small town in Northwest Ohio, and I am on the radio here as well. In a way, it reminds me of Clovis.
To those who think Clovis is a bad place, don’t try living in a big city. … I go to Detroit and Cleveland, but after 20 years in the service and four years in Saudi Arabia, I am back in small-town America and I love it.
And yes, I miss Clovis very much.

— Jim Bauman
Fostoria, Ohio

Lansford right about Lighthouse fund
The June 3 letter from Roberta Lansford about the Lighthouse Mission building fund struck a chord with me. I too believe the mission does good and necessary work in this community.
If they need $100,000, I don’t see why there would not be a hundred people who could afford $1,000 each.
In fact, we only need 99 people now as I have just mailed off my $1,000 check.
How about the rest of you? Feel free to step right up.

—David L. Travis