Take work on the road with bookmark site

Tom DiFrancesca: Internet Safari

I travel quite often and have done so for years. In the past, I would maintain a Web page that would contain all of my favorite Internet bookmarks, but alas I’d forget to keep it updated and then would find myself on the road, trying to track down a previously visited, yet unexplored Web site.
Then, I discovered www.mybookmarks.com and my problem was solved. The service is free and easy to use. Once you’ve signed up, you can upload your Internet browser bookmarks. Since I use multiple computers I have some bookmarks on some of the computers, that aren’t on the others and vice-versa.
So, I created separate folders within my account and then just uploaded the bookmarks from each computer that I use. Now, every once in awhile I just upload my bookmarks to keep my account up-to-date and that just makes life a little easier and a little simpler.
No more redesigning of Web pages. If you’ll fire up your Web browser and navigate over to a9.com/-/company/whatsCool.jsp you will discover the 7 reasons that you should be using the new “A9” search engine. I’ve used it, I’ve taken it to its digital limits and I’ve been impressed. Although, I still favor Google, A9 has its good qualities that make it yet another useful Internet tool for anyone’s toolbox.
Speaking of new search engines, there is another one being beta tested right now. Just hop on over to www.dispsie.com and sign-up to be a tester. Who knows, maybe someday if the search engine begins to outperform Google, you can start impressing folks by telling them that you were an original beta tester for the service.
It could happen. MozDex is another search engine currently being tested. According to the Web site, there is no commercial influence involved in the search results. You can try out the search engine and learn more about it by going to www.mozdex.com/
Now, I have to tell you about one of the funniest and weirdest Web sites that I have ever been to or written about. I don’t watch much network television, but I guess there is a series of Burger King commercials that promote something along the lines of “having chicken your way”. Well, according to news stories that I found on the Web, Burger King sponsors the “Subservient Chicken” Web site. Once the site was designed, there was no media promotion, only word of mouth. Well, the site is so strange and whacky, that within 10 days more than a million people had visited the Web site. Now, it’s your turn to check the site out and see what it is all about. Jump over to subservientchicken.com/ and you’ll see what I mean.
The Internet continues to make my world smaller and smaller. It continues to connect me with people from my past that in any other way, we’d probably never ever re-connect. Case in point, a reference librarian in south Alabama is doing research on the Internet a few days ago she comes across a link to my “Internet Safari” Web site and discovers that we knew each other in 1978.
Although we never “hung out” much, we did have mutual friends and she knew my younger brothers quite well. So, a few days ago Sheila Snow-Croft from Tuscaloosa, Ala. dropped me an e-mail and we’ve caught each other up on over 25 years worth of living in just a few minutes.
Digital living at the speed of light.

Tom DiFrancesca III is a freelance columnist and a resident of Clovis. He can be reached at tomdifran@
ureach.com or www.trackertom.com