Yucca to get new roof: Reporter’s Notebook

By Emilie Hornak: CNJ Correspondent

Folks at a Clovis junior high school are getting ready for a bona fide roof raising, courtesy of the state’s Public School Capitol Outlay Council.

“I am pleased to announce that Yucca Junior High in Clovis has been selected to receive a new million-dollar roof,” said Rep. Jose Campos, D-Santa Rosa.

Three layers of roofing have failed to plug leaks in the junior high’s roof over the years, leaving concerns about trapped moisture and weight issues.

A consultant’s report supporting funding for the new roof persuaded the council to finance the project. An estimated $1.02 million for severance tax bonds will fund the removal of the school’s existing roofs and decking and the installation of a new roof.

This project is just the most recent in a long list of Clovis School District construction and renovation projects funded by the state. Since 2002, another $5.7 million in projects has been approved.

Among the projects funded were district-wide improvements at Bella Vista Elementary; the installation of a new fire alarm systems at Clovis High School and projects at La Casita Elementary, Mesa Elementary, Gattis Junior High School and Lincoln Jackson Elementary.

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