Prerecorded programs ignore the news

Letters to the Editor

I was very disappointed in our emergency response (on Wednesday) night. It was 30 minutes after the “gustnado” was spotted before we even heard an alarm.

I was one of the spectators that spotted the funnel forming and I immediately called the police. Then I called (two local radio stations) and there was no answer.

I have known that many of the local stations pre-record shows or are fed by satellite in order to save money — but at what cost to the people of Clovis?

So while all this was going on, the pre-recorded announcer was telling me about Charlie Brown. What if it had been a more dangerous situation? Where would our information have come from?

These radio stations brag on how they are No. 1 in news and information but when it came down to needing to know what was going on right then, nothing.

Clovis, don’t be fooled: Some of the people you are hearing on your radio are not actually (in the region) and one day it may cost us more than the minimum wage they would pay someone to be there.

I had to wait until the next morning to be informed and the information was good, but I sure wish I could have had it that night.

Mike Thomson

Clovis trials seem not so speedy
The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution begins, “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial.”

What is considered a speedy trial in Clovis? Six months or longer?

The county is spending millions of dollars housing prisoners, while the public defenders’ office is so understaffed it cannot handle the case load.

Some of the money for housing could go to hiring more attorneys, which could reduce the county jail population.
Which brings me to the conditions in the Curry County Detention Center:

As a family member visiting a prisoner, I have been subject to loud, vulgar language, plus rude treatment by the staff.

It is as if family members are guilty of a crime.

The jail administrator must be held accountable for these conditions.

John Frey