Clovis Man should be used as tourist attraction

Letters to the Editor

What has always amazed me about Clovis is that we are sitting on a world-class tourist attraction that goes mostly unnoticed by locals.
We only have to take a lesson from what Roswell did with its alien connection to see that big things can be done with less.
We also should keep in mind what happened to Roswell when it lost its military economic base. An idea for Clovis tourist promotion has been on my mind for 20 years. Maybe it’s the right time to think about broadening our horizons.
Anyone, anywhere in the world who has an interest in archaeology knows about the Clovis Man and Clovis Point. I have never understood why the community has never promoted this fact. It has been in National Geographic, television specials, and even most Europeans are aware of the human historical significance because they learn about it in their school curriculum.
With the Internet, Clovis could not only promote locally but also reach an international upscale tourist who might be interested in attending a wooley mammoth festival, maybe in connection with other events in New Mexico as a package.
Just a few fun ideas to start out might include something staged during our county fair — barbequed beef ribs could be called Mastodon Meat; local flint-knappers dressed as cavemen could give demonstrations on how to make Clovis Points and sell their historically correct “Made in Clovis” knives with bone handles; maybe a bison on display or a costume contest.
I really believe with enough local interest and support, Clovis could move up a notch in the tourist area. Not only could an event like this eventually attract tourist dollars, but also educational awareness of what happened here might inspire increased community pride.

L. Diane Taylor

Civic Center a waste, use money wisely
I am furious about what I’m reading about our city commission and its plans for a new civic center. Are the taxpayers paying attention? Who is so anxious to get their name on the plaque at the entrance to this white elephant?
First of all, what would $5.8 million do to help the sorry streets we have in our town? We use our streets every day, but how often will we use a civic center that is too small to handle a good size event?
To put it in common terms, the city is buying an S-10 pickup when it needs an 18-wheeler. Why sell yourself short, when all you have to do is wait and you will have enough to do the job right?
The taxpayers need to sit up and take notice. They did not approve this venture, the city commission did. The plan was to wait and accumulate enough money to build a center that would accommodate the needs of the community. This commission just couldn’t wait to spend that was in the savings account, and borrow the rest.
Just wait until the bids come in higher than expected! The taxpayers will soon be obligated for the balance for the next 20 years with no say. Some of the commissioners and mayor will try to defend this, but that is money that can’t be used for street repairs or other urgent needs.
We can already accommodate most of what this white elephant will handle now, so why not reallocate that money to real and urgent needs such as street repairs?

Eldred Noble

Livestock projects help young people
A rare opportunity is going to present itself during the Curry County Fair. It’s the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a young person.
Every year there is a group of youth who work with a great deal of faith and enthusiasm. Their livestock projects give them an ownership in something that requires attention, hard work, responsibility, and maturity.
All these things are the very qualities that we want to build and keep in this community.
Please join me at the junior livestock sale to support our young people. Your generosity and enthusiasm will clearly show them their efforts are noticed and hard work is rewarded.

Blake Curtis