Urioste learned the value of a dollar

Reporters Notebook

Fry Urioste started working the summer before he entered seventh grade. Actually, he was working way before that, helping his dad with ranch duties. But he joined the retail working world when a dishwasher failed to show up at a truck stop where his sister was employed.

“They called me and asked if I wanted to do it,” Urioste said. “They liked the job I did and asked if I could keep doing it.”

That was about 30 years ago. He credits that early experience with his professional success as an adult. Urioste is manager of the Auto Zone store in Portales, where he plans to be on duty for Labor Day today.

“It helped me a lot and I realized the value of a dollar,” Urioste said.

Today’s youth, he said, are not so fortunate.

“They’re handed everything (nowadays),” he said. “When I bought my first car, I had to work for the money to pay for it. (Today’s youth) don’t realize the value of a dollar.”

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