Bush jokes with former Clovis elementary teacher

by Mike Linn

President Bush took a light-hearted jab at Clovis on Wednesday during a campaign stop in Rochester, Minn., a Clovis native who sat with the president said.

Asked by Bush to tell her story, a former Clovis fifth-grade teacher at Cameo Elementary, Jill Wooten, said she grew up in a little town in eastern New Mexico called Clovis.

She told the president she moved in the summer of 2003 to Minnesota, where her husband got a job at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

“The president said ‘I know Clovis, we all know why you left there’ but he meant it as a joke. He was joking around, we were joking back and forth,” Wooten said.

Wooten, who sat on the panel with three other people, said the president had a presence about him that was very calming and soothing. When he met Wooten back stage, he assured her the event — broadcast Wednesday on CNN — would be a breeze.

“It was amazing. He was literally waving his arms two inches away from me. It was unbelievable, surreal,” Wooten said.

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