CCC board seeking to fill vacant position

CNJ staff

Clovis Community College Board of Trustees member Charlton Guthals has resigned from the board after moving into a home outside the city limits.

Guthals was appointed in January 2002 and served until Oct. 13. Guthals was secretary and represented District 2. His term was due to expire in 2007.

Guthals said he is moving into a new house outside city limits, forcing him to resign.

“I didn’t relish the fact that I stepped down, I really enjoyed serving the board,” he said.

The remaining four trustees will select his replacement. The person selected must run for election in March 2005. A school advertisement states that anyone in District 2 interested in applying for the position must do so by Nov. 1.
District 2 is on the city’s northeast side.

Guthals said he has no other political ambitions.
Board member Gayla Brumfield said Guthals was a “great board member.”

“He just showed a real level of enthusiasm for the college. (He was) a real supporter of the college and he was always there to help it move on and progress forward,” Brumfield said. “He was a very active board member.”