Nuttall leaving office late next month

By Ryan Lengerich: CNJ staff writer

The Clovis school board Tuesday officially and unanimously accepted the resignation of Superintendent Neil Nuttall, who will remain under contract through Jan. 31.

He said his last day in office will be Nov. 23. He will use the remainder of his vacation and personal days from that point.
Nuttall was named president of North Central Missouri College this month. He begins his tenure there Jan. 1.

Board member Lora Harlan, who helped hire Nuttall in 1997, delivered an emotional statement before the vote.

“He has raised the mark for student achievement and staff accountability,” Harlan said. “On behalf of the board of education, you will be missed.”

The Clovis school board will lay out grounds for a replacement search on Nov. 9. Board President Terry Martin said he wanted a full board present for the meeting — board member Ken Merritt did not attend Tuesday.

Martin said all discussion and decisions about Nuttall’s successor will take place in an open forum. He said there has not been any official applications submitted.

“All of the board members have probably received calls from people with interest,” Martin said. “We are getting a whole lot of interest.”

Because personnel decisions are made by the superintendent, Nuttall’s exit in late November will put pressure on the board to make a decision between an interim superintendent or making a quick hire.

“I would rather do the interim,” Board member Mark Lansford said. “I don’t want to hire somebody in a mad rush, because a lot of time when you do that a mistake can be made.”

Lansford said he expects no specific personnel to be discussed at the Nov. 9 meeting, but the procedure and timeline may be decided.

Nuttall said he has not spoken to the board about his departure.

“I wouldn’t want there to be a semblance that I am getting involved in any way,” Nuttall said.

An open forum is held at the first regular meeting each month. The public can also speak at any meeting on any topic listed on the meeting’s agenda. There will be a 6:30 a.m. meeting to discuss the agenda on Nov. 9.

“I am hoping there will be some input from the community on that night about the process,” Lansford said.