Trusting God makes it easy to take life step by step

Judy Brandon: Local Columnist

My sister Susie, who is great at searching e-Bay for bargains, surprised me three summers ago with five cowbells she had ordered. She got five for herself, also. Charlie made wind chimes with the bells for Susie and I.

The sight of those cowbells brought to mind the vacation days we spent on our grandparents’ farm in Arkansas. One of the things we anticipated most was “milking time.” On one visit, Susie and I thought we were big enough to go down into the pasture and get the cows at milking time. The herd usually just wandered up about milking time, but we thought we would get a head start and follow up behind them. The cows wore bells around their necks in case one got lost in some thicket in the pasture. On that day, the closer we got to the herd, the clacking of bells let us know the cows were nearby. Sure enough, we rounded a path and there were all the cows walking away from the pond and toward the well-worn path to my grandfather’s barn.

Susie and I were quite taken with the pond that was the culmination of a little creek that ran behind our grandparents’ house, and as city girls we decided to stop at the pond in late afternoon to throw rocks and just play in the area. Time passed and then as dusk came, we realized there were no sounds of bells or cows. We were disoriented there in the dim light and concluded that we were really lost. I knew that all the adults would be pretty nervous about our whereabouts.

I remembered that the creek ran behind my grandparents’ house. I knew that if we stayed close to the edge of the creek and followed the rocks that lined it, we could make it back. I convinced Susie to mind me (which was no small feat!) and I led her.

It was hard to see the rocks in the moonlight but I could always see the rock right in front of me. I could not see four steps ahead, but I knew that if I stepped on the next visible rock … then the next … and the next … we would reach our destination.

I just had to take the step that was obvious to me. I didn’t know the way, but I knew the rocks lined the edge of the creek and I knew where the creek led.

Faith in Christ is like that. Matthew wrote in his gospel (4:18-20), the account of Jesus calling Andrew and Simon Peter to be His disciples. The two men encountered Jesus. He said: “Follow me.”

Their reactions may be surprising to us, but the Bible reads that they dropped their nets, got up and followed Jesus without hesitation, even though they did not know the future.

We all have a tendency to want to know what lies ahead. But I know that I cannot have a rough draft of my entire life’s path. Even though I can’t see the future ahead, I can put complete trust Christ, the Rock of my salvation and I know who is leading me.

Judy Brandon is an instructor at Clovis Community College. Contact her at: