Ross likely choice as interim superintendent

By Ryan Lengerich: CNJ staff writer

Longtime Clovis school administrator G.C. Ross was the only candidate through Monday to apply for the school district’s interim superintendent position, the first phase of replacing Neil Nuttall.

Ross, who said he was contacted by board members about the position, retired three years ago from the school district. For the final 15 years of his career Ross was assistant superintendent for instruction, a position now held by Ladona Clayton. He also worked in the district as a teacher.

“When I was contacted I felt like it was an opportunity to serve. I felt like I had given a lot to the district in 36 years and if they needed me to serve then I was willing,” he said.

Selecting an interim superintendent is the only business on tonight’s 7 p.m. meeting agenda. Board President Terry Martin said the board will recess into a closed session to interview applicants. Upon exiting the closed session, the public will be given time to speak.

Applications for the position will be accepted until 11 a.m. today.

The board laid out the timeline last week for replacing Nuttall, who will serve his last day Nov. 23 after being named president of North Central Missouri College.

The interim superintendent will serve Nov. 27 through June 30 and can not be a candidate for the permanent position. The interim’s prorated salary and benefits will be equal to Nuttall’s $100,602 salary.

The board will use the next seven months to consider applications for the permanent position before making a decision in June. The person selected is scheduled to begin July 1, when the new fiscal year begins.

The interim superintendent will serve during a 60-day legislative session beginning January, the school board election in February and the district budgeting process in the spring.

Clovis will not be the only district guided by an interim superintendent.

In the Los Lunas school district, Fred Pomeroy set aside retirement to take the title in October. He served as superintendent in that district from 1995-1998.

Pomeroy will also serve until June 30 and — like the interim superintendent in Clovis — will not be a candidate for the permanent position.

“I told (the school board) even though I am only going to be on the board for eight months, my approach is going to be as though it is eight years,” Pomeroy said. “I am acting as though I am running this district for the future.”

Pomeroy said he knows Ross well and endorsed him for the position.

“He is a veteran administrator,” Pomeroy said. “He is top drawer. If I were a board member I wouldn’t hesitate to add G.C. Ross as my interim.”