Clovis man sentenced to six years in prison

By The Associated Press

CLOVIS — A Clovis man accused of printing and passing thousands of dollars in U.S. currency has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Terry Maes, 25, pleaded guilty to seven counts of forgery and was sentenced Wednesday by state District Judge Teddy Hartley, District Attorney Matthew Chandler said.
Evidence showed Maes printed about $6,000 worth of phony money, Chandler said.

“There was testimony that he had made up to $60,000, however a lot of that was destroyed just prior to police getting to the location where he was making the counterfeit money,” Chandler said Thursday.

The money apparently had been printed during three or four weeks last year, Chandler said.

Clovis police searched Maes’ home last Dec. 16 and found counterfeit bills in the trash and burned pieces of fake bills in a fireplace, Chandler said.

Maes, who was arrested two days later, told police that he used real federal reserve notes — copying them and scanning them — to produce the bogus bills.

“It started with a small amount of currency that was tested at local retailers, and once it passed I think they began to go full force,” Chandler said.

“The same counterfeit bills have shown up from El Paso to California,” he said.

“Occasionally, we still get a phone call” about the phony money, Chandler said