Consider outsourcing garbage handling

Letters to the editor

It appears that city employees are about to attempt a holdup of the property owners over pay increases. The prevailing thought is that the city pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to train the garbage-truck drivers only to have them threaten to go elsewhere to drive a garbage truck for higher wages.
The property owners are faced with not having their dumpsters emptied or having their property taxes increased.
Has the city given any thought to outsourcing the garbage handling in the city? These folks could then come out on the open market and compete with their peers for the jobs available in the community. I think that they would realize then that they have a pretty good deal where they are.
Private enterprise generally comes up with a way to make money doing what the government fails to break even doing.
It might not work, but it would be a possibility worth exploring.

Stanley L. Glenn

Stand up against raunchy television
We are in complete agreement with James Walker’s letter about cable TV.
We are also disgusted with all the bad, raunchy programs and advertisement we are subject to when we want to watch a movie, cooking, crafts or the learning channel.
And to top this off, we just read in the paper where cable rates were going up once again.
Yes, we know it’s our choice to have cable. We can remember years ago when we first had cable connected to our house. We were not afraid to let our children watch unsupervised programs and commercials.
But now how do you get all that nasty, raunchy stuff off just to watch a family show or anything decent?
So, I am urging others to join Walker and us to protest the raunchy channels. If we care, we need to do something, not just leave the room or flick off the TV.
We encourage all to call or write their cable company; the address and phone numbers on the bill.
Let’s help make a difference.

Delbert and Pearl Tivis

Don’t leave pets out in cold this winter
It is that time of year again — too cold for humans, and that goes for pets too.
Remember, dogs and cats need shelter from the weather, fresh food, and water (eating snow doesn’t count).
Animals’ fur does not protect them in freezing and rainy conditions. It is against the law not to provide these essentials for animals. If I see any violations here in town, I will perpetrators again and again until something is done about it. I urge all my fellow citizens of Clovis to do the same.
You do not have to give your name when reporting animal abuse to the animal control officials.
Remember: If you can’t provide shelter, food and water for your pets, don’t own any!

Peggy Wyatt